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Premium Mutton Leg Back(Raan)

Premium Mutton Leg Back(Raan)

Rs.1,099.00 Rs.999.00

Male Goat | Bone In | Uncut | Full Leg   

This meat offers delicious flavor and has an amazing nutritional profile. It is high in protein, selenium, zinc and iron. The specialty of this meat is that it has all 8 amino acids . This meat aids muscle generation and the production of red blood cells, avoiding “anemia”.

In moderation, mutton can be a beneficial component in an overall healthy diet.

We deliver selected tender mutton leg pieces from either Goat.

No. of Pieces 1

Serves 6-8

Gross Wt. 900gm - 1300gm

Net wt. 900gm - 1300gm


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