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Chicken Curry Cut (500gm)Skinless And Country Eggs (6 pcs)

Chicken Curry Cut (500gm)Skinless And Country Eggs (6 pcs)


Chicken Curry Cut 500gm | Country Eggs 6 pcs

Filled with nutrients, we provide you with the entire chicken pieces that are white & dark. Consisting of the cuts from the leg, thigh, back and Breast. Chicken Curry Cut (Large) is rich in protein and vitamins. Chicken Curry Cut Large is mostly used in curry dishes. These brown eggs are obtained from healthy country chickens which are raised in a clean and healthy environment. Obtained from Chickens which are naturally bred and are free from artifical hormones.

No. of Pieces 500gm - 6 pcs

Serves 4

Gross Wt. 500gm - 6 pcs

Net wt. 500gm - 6 pcs


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