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Basa Cubes 1kg

Basa Cubes 1kg


Basa is a catfish which is light in colour and has a firm texture. Enriched in protein, it contains low fat making it perfect for your diet.

These Fresho basa fillets are great for grilling, frying, barbecuing or for curries. This comes in 2-3 pieces are which are perfect for 4-5 people. It is preservative-free.

Fresho is our in-house brand of fresh meat, poultry, and seafood. We take utmost care in selecting the best suppliers to provide you with high quality and succulent products. Every product is stored in our cold storage right until your doorstep ensuring freshness and utmost hygiene.

No. of Pieces 32-40

Serves 6-10

Gross Wt. 1kg

Net wt. 1kg


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